50-DA Motorsport Shaft

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Why should I buy the 50 DA Motorsport shaft

With the 50-DA shaft compression and rebound bleed can be adjusted completely independed which increases the accuately of the damper.

The 50-DA shaft also makes it possible to fully operate only on the shaft/ only on the reservoir or a combination. With this feature you can adjust the amount of hysteresis. 

How many adjustment do I have when getting the 50 DA

Because the 50 DA shaft is a double adjustable shaft the damper will have more adjustments. 

A 11 serie with 50 DA has a rebound and compression on the shaft and high speed compression on the reservoir

A 12 serie with 50 DA has a rebound and compression on the shaft and high and low speed compression on the reservoir

50-DA Motorsport Shaft

JRZ Suspension Engineering is proud to present the next chapter in our continually evolving product line; the 50-DA, double adjustable shaft assembly. Following the success of the FA3030 piston, the 50-DA was designed to further our goals of providing motorsport clients with a wide array of tools. Compression and rebound bleed can now be adjusted independently. Adjustments are available in several ranges from fine to wide for both compression and rebound. Each click gives an even and predictable adjustment from minimum to maximum.

Combined with the FA3030 the 50-DA can provide almost any damping curve and adjustment style. User desired characteristics are easy to achieve with our valving matrix. The flow paths in the system are designed to produce significant low speed damping forces with low hysteresis. This is used with our proven damping philosophy in compression to give the most direct JRZ feeling ever.


  • 27 clicks rebound bleed
  • 27 clicks compression bleed
  • Completely independent adjustments
  • Even steps in damping adjustment per click
  • Check valves adjustable for initial nose tuning
  • Large, standard and fine bleed ranges
  • 25m & 22mm shaft applications available


  • Wide range of adjustment
  • Effective "ultra low speed" damping adjustment
  • Fine adjusments steps
  • Freedom to combine JRZ proven canister damping with more direct compression feel
  • Evenly spaced adjusments from full soft to full stiff
  • Modular to all JRZ motorsport dampers
  • Very low hysteresis
  • Works with all JRZ pistons


Possible characteristics

Digressive compression adjustments

Digressive rebound adjustments

Lineair compression adjustments

Lineair rebound adjustments