Developed from experience


We are new in the 4x4 market, but a pioneer in damping technology for over 50 years.


The JRZ system provides unique features that has changed the vision of damping by professional race teams all over the world. Focus is to control the movement of the un-sprung mass, which is considered to consist of the wheel, tire, brake, control arms. The movement of the un-sprung mass determines the way how the contact patch of the tire will follow road irregularities.

Race cars require stability during cornering and braking. They also need  the ability to absorb big impacts when hitting curbs or enter rough road surfaces. Using the lifting force the damper creates due to the use of nitrogen pressure in conjunction with the rod diameter and the frequency responsive blow off valve in compression, both areas are tackled.

The combination of lifting force and compression damping created by the frequency responsive blow off valve gives the vehicle platform and stability. When the suspension experience impacts, the damper force created by the blow off valve controls the acceleration of the un-sprung mass.

The moment the suspension moves, the damper creates a significant amount of low speed compression damping resulting in body control. The compression damping in combination with the lifting force due to the nitrogen pressure is available over the full stroke. Therefore there is no need for a hydraulic bump stop.

Having worked in the field of armored vehicles, where center of gravity sits high due to the applied armoring, the JRZ system provides support when cornering and braking, without giving up on comfort but with excellent off road performance.

JRZ decided to enter the 4x4 truck market with this unique damping philosophy.

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