The JRZ damper design comes from 60 years of experience in Research and Development of suspension and damper design for racing, rally, off road, HEAVY-DUTY and industrial applications.

The approach of the JRZ design philosophy is completely different from other damper manufacturers: 

“Emphasis is on controlling the un-sprung mass”

This is achieved by

  • Large fluid displacement because of the use of large diameter piston rod
  • Lifting force of shock-absorber by using high nitrogen pressure
  • Compression damping with unique adjustable valving system in canister
  • Large piston, with a large diameter non preloaded deflective disc valves
  • High flow return valve for quick refilling of working cylinder
  • Gas volume is selected in a way that the fluctuating gas volume and the temperature have little effect in the increase of pressure

Control of sprung mass

This is achieved by:

  • Large piston diameter for good rebound control because of large fluid displacement
  • Unique orifice rebound adjustment system


  • Improved handeling
  • Reduced tyre wear
  • More traction
  • Better comfort level
  • Better stability of vehicle body
  • Increased lifetime of damper


History of JRZ Suspension

Founder of JRZ Suspension Jan ZuidijkFounder Jan Zuidijk

JRZ Suspension Engineering was founded in 1994 by J. Zuijdijk to bring a new and revolutionary damping design to the world of motor racing and high performance sports cars. A new design that would eliminate the design flaws of the old school of hydraulic damper design and incorporate newly acquired insights into the complexity of vehicle dynamics and the role of the damper therein.

Having worked for Koni in Research and Development for Koni in damping design, Jan Zuijdijk had conceived a firm idea what needed to be changed on the stagnant approach to damping and handling of race car suspensions and the prominent role the hydraulic damper played in that complex vehicle dynamic system.


New design from experience

Based upon a long term experience gathered working with the most diverse damper designs ranging from Formula V, Formula One, prototype sports cars to industrial applications like trucks, buses, wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles.
The new JRZ damper had to be different in a sense that the old school approach would be reversed and new insights and experience would prevail in the design of the new JRZ damper

Successor Erik Ras

In 2000 Erik Ras was offered a job at JRZ after graduating, he accepted and became a member of the JRZ technical staff. At the present time he is shareholder and Chief Operating Officer worldwide. By constantly investing in research and development and keeping the production under one roof in the Netherland's JRZ has maintained their standard for high quality products. Erik's vision for JRZ is to make the brand JRZ a symbol in the damper world. 

Chief Executive Officer Bertram Padmos

Since 2023 Bertram has taken the position of CEO at JRZ. In 2009/2010 Betram finished his internship and graduation assignment from University at JRZ and after 13 years he returned to where it all started.

Sales director Theo Verbruggen

Since 2015 JRZ has started to develop an armored vehicle tire led by Theo Verbruggen. Verbruggen has over 25 years of experience in developing off- and on-road (racing) tires. Wth this experience JRZ and MAXXIS developed a 12PR tire for HEAVY-DUTY cars up to 7200KG (15.870 pounds) while maintaining a very comfortable driving experience.


In 2003, JRZ Suspension Engineering merged with Vovu Metaalbewerking BV, a large machine shop with an ultra-modern machine park, and an extensive quality control facility. This merger combined design, machining and manufacturing of the JRZ product under one roof, offering the opportunity to manufacture the product from raw material to finished product and enabled JRZ Suspension Engineering access to an almost unlimited production capacity.


In order to increase efficiency, Jan Peters came aboard in 2010 to fill the function of Chief Executive Officer, overseeing order intake, planning and commercial and production activities.
Currently JRZ Suspension Engineering have next to the worldwide renown expertise in Racing equipment expended into industrial activities.

Race history

A few examples from left to right

  • Alessandro Nannini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti DTM
  • Luiz Razia Formula three 2006 Champion
  • Gulf Racing/ GTC Motorsport McLaren F1 GTR BPR/FIA GT Championship Silverstone 1996