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JRZ Suspension Engineering is based in Uden, the Netherlands with an office in the US. Since our inception, JRZ Suspension Engineering has led the way in suspension design and development for the modern race, rally and high performance road car. JRZ systems offers the best solutions for each application in single, double, triple and quadruple adjustable dampers.

The JRZ Suspension damper is a race winning design, incorporating decades of experience in gas hydraulic damper and suspension design, applied to race cars ranging from F1, Indy cars, Grand Touring, Trans Am to all kinds of racing and other applications combined with a thorough knowledge of vehicle dynamics of modern race cars. Please read the following information about the right adjustment and correct maintenance of the shock absorbers before you drive your vehicle. Contact your dealer for further questions.

The JRZ dampers allow the driver and/or engineer to get the car tuned to their preference. Each adjustment makes a significant change in the damping characteristic. Every damper is tested and matched on the dyno prior to delivery. All JRZ dampers are made by hand in the Netherlands with the highest quality aerospace materials and manufactured to the highest standards.


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JRZ Suspension Engineering was founded in 1994 by J. Zuijdijk to bring a new and revolutionary damping design to the world of motor racing and high performance sports cars.A new design that would eliminate the design flaws of the old school of hydraulic damper design and incorporate newly acquired insights into the complexity of vehicle dynamics and the role of the damper therein.

Having worked for Koni in Research & Development and Damping Design, Jan Zuijdijk had conceived a firm idea what needed to be changed in the stagnant approach to damping and handling of race car suspensions, of the day. Jan was able to realize the prominent role the hydraulic damper played in that complex vehicle dynamic system.

Based upon a long term experience gathered working with the most diverse damper designs ranging from Formula V, Formula One, prototype sports cars to industrial applications like trucks, buses, wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles.

The new JRZ damper had to be different in a sense that the old school approach would be reversed and new insights and experience would prevail in the design of the new JRZ damper.