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Why is one damper blue and the other black

Often the front suspension is a McPherson strut application, where side loads of the wheel are directly transferred to the damper. The McPherson struts from JRZ are made from high tensile steel to be able to cope with these high side loads and JRZ applies a cutting edge technology for the black coating making the steel tubes highly corrosion resistant.

In a damper application (no sideload on the damper) the damper is made out of aluminum and anodized RS LINE blue. 

Can I adjust the pressure the gas pressure on the JRZ RS TWO

Gas pressure for the JRZ RS ONE and JRZ RS TWO are preset by the factory. The JRZ RS ONE and JRZ RS TWO are twin tube dampers not allowing to change the gas pressure

What is the recommended setting

Turning the knob clockwise against the stop in first detent is full soft. The damping becomes stiffer turning the knob anti clockwise.

Factory setting is +3 compression and +6 rebound clicks from full soft for road use. 

Start out with +6 compression and +10 rebound click from full soft for track.


  • Double Adjustable
  • Adjustable compression damping
  • 14 clicks strut applications
  • 9 clicks damper applications
  • Adjustable rebound damping 21 clicks
  • Ride height adjustable
  • Uses spherical bearings
  • Valved for more chassis control and performance
  • Fits aftermarket topmounts
  • Every click noticeable change




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Race technology 

Knowledge gained from racing is integrated in the JRZ RS TWO system. The use of the large shaft creates an optimum fluid displacement through the preset compression blow off valve to control the unsprung mass. A special designed piston is used to filter out the large, high velocity movements seen with suspensions on street applications.

Large and easy adjustment range

No need to compromise on performance/comfort due to the large adjustment range. The suspension allows adjustment between smooth street use and aggressive track use. Below you can see the force / displacement graph of a typical JRZ RS TWO.

With every click (counter clockwise) you increase the damping forces. With every click you will notice direct influence on the handling of the car. Therefor adjusting the suspension is very quick and easy.  

Rebound adjustment graph above

Compression adjustment graph above

Strut Coating

Collaborating with a top tier coating firm, JRZ offers cutting edge technology to allow extremely high corrosion resistance in steel strut applications. 

Guide Construction

The new shaft bearing construction allows the damper to live a long life in between service without performance fade. Specially designed for longevity and rebuildability. 

Bump stops and dust boots

To further increase service life and safe operating ranges specially designed bump stops and dust boots are included. 

Valving design

The unique compression blow off system damps the unsprung mass resulting in superb handling characteristics without sacrificing comfort. 

CNC Machining

The JRZ RS Line dampers uses CNC machined internals that allow precise damping characteristics to be achieved. The JRZ RS is built on the same line as the motorsport line.