Kia Stinger GT (CL) 2017 - current

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  • Kia Stinger GT (CL) 2017 - current

Kia Stinger (CL) 2017 - current 

JRZ has started to develop a adjustable suspension kit for the Kia Stinger (CL), the main focus; increase overall performance, pitch stability and gain comfort while reducing body roll. We do this by controling the movement of the un-sprung mass using our unique frequency responsive blowoff valve, big diameter Chrome-molydenum pistonrods and carefully selected gasvolume in combination with high pressure nitrogen. These unique features come from a long term experience gathered working with the most diverse damper designs ranging from Formula V, Formula One, prototype sports cars to industrial applications like trucks, buses, wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles.

Complete kit starting at $ 2795,00

  • 21 clicks damping adjustable
  • Re-uses OEM topmounts
  • Height adjustable
  • *not including EDC delete units
  • Prototype¬†

    The current prototype is a single adjustable (JRZ RS ONE) height adjustable damper that can be mounted with the OEM topmounts. The JRZ RS ONE has a 21 clicks damping adjustment with a big adjustment range, changing the handling of your car with just a few clicks. Drive to the track in comfort, put the setting to race mode and transform your car with a twist of a knob. Increase your safety on track by improving your traction and predictability of your car.

    All our dampers are build, tested and matched individually by our trained engineers in the Netherlands. In this way we can ensure that all dampers match our high quality standard.