JRZ, the ORIGINAL since 1995


  • JRZ, the ORIGINAL since 1995

JRZ, the ORIGINAL since 1995

JRZ is the creator of the blow off style remote reservoir damper with large piston rods. This unique design and application of damping philosophy comes from its founder, Jan Zuijdijk. Jan had been working in suspension & damper development since the early sixties and decided it was time to make the ultimate damper package. At the culmination of his career, which included Formula One and an Indy 500 win, he created the JRZ damper in 1995. When the design was ready for production, JRZ Suspension Engineering was born


Immediately there was the success, winning Championships with race teams all over the world the JRZ design was proven. Of course, development never stops, and over the years JRZ Suspension Engineering expanded on Jan’s work evolving our motorsport dampers. With recent additions such as the 11 series, 12 series, and 50DA technology combined with the FA3030 piston, the progress continues.




Sometimes, simplicity is the best solution and damper need to be designed for their intended use. Therefore JRZ decided to develop the JRZ RS line of dampers, meant for the serious tuner, track day enthusiast, club racer and even professional teams. The centerpiece of the RS Line is the JRZ RS PRO, which is in fact the original JRZ motorsport two way design. With its main focus on performance and ease of use, this damper has become the leader in club racing. 




The JRZ RS Pro has proven its performance, and the results show it. Many of our clients have maximized the performance of their RS PROs.  Therefore JRZ is proud to introduce the JRZ RS PRO3, the original JRZ motorsport three way design. A triple adjustable damper with the unique JRZ technology, keeping the focus on performance and ease of use. Like the JRZ RS PRO, the JRZ RS PRO3 is adjustable in rebound and compression. The JRZ RS PRO3 also has a low speed compression adjustment. Central to Jan’ s vision; the JRZ RS PRO3 uses carefully designed steps in adjustment to give clear feedback and provide adequate tuning range, enabling everyone to maximize their setup.


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JRZ Suspension Engineering is proud that its original designs have carried racers so far over the years. We are especially flattered that our competition has attempted to make use of the technology as well.


As such, we are happy to offer both the JRZ RS PRO and JRZ RS PRO3 for the rest of 2017 as O95 editions at a special price contact your JRZ dealer or JRZ directly at info@jrzsuspension.com for pricing!