FA 3030

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What is the difference between the standard 8060 piston and the FA 3030 piston

The FA 3030 is fitted with jets which can be altered and preduce linear, digressive, combination, or progressive dyno curves. The 8060 piston is not fitted with jets and can't be altered

How do I adjust the FA 3030 Piston to my liking

When you purchase a FA 3030 Piston set we provide a valving wizard which can be used as a general guideline.

FA 3030

JRZ Suspension Engineering is pleased to introduce the FA3030 piston. Designed to allow a large range of dyno curves giving the race engineer the possibility to create specific damping characteristics and fine tuning options.

The FA 3030 allows a high response system to be combined with the proven JRZ approach to dampen the unsprung mass. This results in much improved chassis and ride height control while maintaining tire wear and compliance over bumps/kerbs.


  • Ability to tailor damping characteristic to tire chassis combination
  • Four zones of damper velocity independently tunable
  • Reduced hysteresis


  • Symmetrical features on compression and rebound
  • Four independently adjustable bleeds/available in different bleed sizes
  • Linear, digressive, combination, or progressive dyno curves

Possible characteristics

Digressive = red line

Digressive + Linear = blue line

Linear = green line