JRZ 11 52 Double adjustable

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What is the difference between the 11.51, 11.52 and 11.53

The 11.51 has a 22 [mm] 50 DA strut shaft.

The 11.52 has a larger 50 DA strut shaft.

The 11.53 is an upsidedown 50 DA strut construction.

What 11 series should I choose

This depends on the application, when the car is subjected to high side loads upgrading to a larger shaft is recommended. Contact us or a dealer if you need help choosing.

What is the difference between 11.3x range and the 11.5x range

The 11.5x is featured with our 50-DA shaft, this allows you to adjust the compression and rebound damping only on the shaft which causes very low hysteresis.

The 11.3x is featured with our regular motorsport shaft with rebound adjustment on the shaft and compression adjustment on the reservoir.

JRZ 11 52

  • Rebound adjustment completely independent from compression
  • Fully useable adjustment range
  • 27 clicks rebound bleed
  • 27 clicks compression bleed
  • Even steps in damping adjusment per click
  • Check valves adjustable for initial nose tuning
  • Large, standard and fine bleed ranges
  • High volume canister
  • Adjustable gas pressure
  • Larger 50 DA shaft
  • Non adjustable remote reservoir



Did you find your damper? Find our dealers here!


Improve your McPherson damper by upgrading to a larger diameter shaft. The larger shaft has a more rigid and stronger strut construction which benefits when side loads are applied. Side loads are applied when cornering, or braking.


With the larger shaft your JRZ has a large oil displacement so the damper creates damping forces at the smallest movements of the suspension.

The combination of the larger shaft and the use of nitrogen pressure results in a lifting force created by the damper. This lifting force is available through the whole stroke of the damper and works together with the spring, the lifting force is not a spring rate, but gives the car platform. Upgrading to a larger piston rod benefits the lifting force.  

The 50 DA shaft and FA 3030 Piston

Equipped with the 50 DA shaft and the FA 3030 Piston, combined they can provide almost any damping curve and adjustment style. User desired characteristics are easy to achieve with our valving matrix. The flow paths in the system are designed to produce significant low speed damping forces with low hysteresis. This is used with our proven damping philosophy in compression to give the moest direct JRZ feeling ever.

The FA 3030 piston allows a large range of dyno curces giving the race engineer the possibility to create specific damping characteristics and fine tuning options. The FA 3030 gives a high response system to be combined with the proven JRZ approuach to create compression forces from shaft displacement. This results in much improced chassis and ride height control while maintaining tire wear and compliance over bumps/kerbs. 

Valving on the FA 3030 piston can be chosen to create more or les direct damping at the piston, which will effect the amount of hystresis. 


  • Wide range of adjustment 
  • Easy to create costum curces with JRZ valving matrix and database. 
  • Effective "ultra low speed" damping adjustment
  • Four zones of damper velocity independently tunable 
  • Evenly spaced adjusments from full soft to full stiff
  • Modular to all JRZ motorsport dampers
  • Very low hysteresis
  • Fine adjusments steps

Possible characteristics

Digressive compression adjustments

Digressive rebound adjustments

Lineair compression adjustments

Lineair rebound adjustments